Connecting schools with relatable role models

Nothing inspires aspiration like relatable role models. With an experience they can recognise, young people believe they themselves can succeed. And that’s our aim, to encourage self-belief within pupils at your school by introducing them to inspirational speakers who will motivate them to achieve great things.

Arrange a speaker 

The city isn’t short of inspirational people, so if you’re looking for a speaker for your careers programme or to provide an inspiring assembly, let us know. 

Mobilise your alumni network

Students who are successful after leaving your school are the perfect template for others. Their time with you makes them relatable to those you currently teach. Plus, they can offer life advice that’s specific to their local community.

Our role is to help you create this network, giving your school a story of achievement and camaraderie that lasts long after a pupil leaves.

Why are Alumni Networks important?

Watch this short video about the launch of one of our Alumni Networks at St Monica’s and why they’re so important.

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What schools we work with say

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Why wait? If you think your students could benefit from relatable role models or an alumni network that’s rich with opportunities, get in touch today on