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St Mary’s Pupils Meet ‘The Yorkshire Vet’

Year 6 students at St Mary’s RC Primary School experienced an extraordinary afternoon when Veterinary Surgeon Rohin visited their classroom to share insights about his career.

During the visit, pupils had the opportunity to examine real x-rays and diagnose case studies under Rohin’s expert guidance, not to mention the group enjoyed cuddling Rupert, Rohins dog!

Pupils also got a unique glimpse into the world of television production as the session was filmed for an upcoming episode of the popular Channel 5 TV show, The Yorkshire Vet

Rohin said: “It doesn’t matter your background or who you are, being a vet is a very rewarding job and a good one to consider. If I’ve made a few of you want to be a vet, then I’ve done my job.”

“Rohin came and spoke to our year 6 pupils about his role as a vet. The children loved asking him questions about being a vet and the different scenarios he has experienced, what his favourite animals are and what the most intriguing cases are that he has dealt with. Rohin explained it wasn’t just medical knowledge or a love of animals that help him do his job, but many other qualities that children are developing daily in school, such as empathy, kindness and patience. One child said “it was the best day and I definitely want to be a vet now.”” 

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