STEM, Sustainability

Nile Henry

Founding The Blair Project at just 18 years old, Nile Henry is a young entrepreneur with an ambition to help shape the future leaders of the green tech revolution.
Inspired by his brother’s passion for motor racing, Nile identified an opportunity to change the narrative around the well-loved sport. Nile set out to transform the impact motorsport was having on the environment and exclusivity that surrounded the sport.
Founding The Blair Project, it provides a way of educating young people in the skills required to transform fuel-powered karts into environmentally friendly e-karts, and drives a wider conversation around engagement in STEM and the importance of education in green tech. The initiative also allows people from diverse backgrounds access to what is traditionally an exclusive sport. Nile’s company secured £4 million of funding from UK Government for the Manchester Innovation Activities Hub; an innovation and skills training centre that will rapidly upskill, reskill and retrain Manchester residents in Industry 4.0 skills to be fast tracked to rewarding jobs within Manchester Science Park.
Outside of The Blair Project, Nile is part of the Manchester Climate Change Youth Board, a group of 13 to 28-year-olds who represent the city’s young people and hold political, business and community leaders to account in the fight against climate change.
Nile also advises Greater Manchester Mayor, Andy Burnham, in the Social
Enterprise Advisory Group, which focuses on the delivery of social enterprise in Greater Manchester and is aligned with the GM Local Industrial Strategy.