Former CEO of Kids Allowed

Jennie Johnson, MBE

Jennie is former CEO of Kids Allowed, a company she started in 2003 to create a childcare company that she would be happy to send her children to, after being unable to find anything good enough. The group opened their own training academy in 2012 to ensure a high standard of staff and went on to win Nursery Group of the Year at the Nursery World Awards. In 2020. Jennie sold the company and

In 2016, Jennie Johnson was awarded an MBE in the Queen’s Birthday Honours list in recognition for her services to business.

In 2020, Jennie sold to Kids Planet Nurseries.


Describe what you were like at school in three words?

Unpopular, uncool and hardworking

What’s the best thing about Manchester?

Definitely the people

What has been your biggest disappointment?

I would say that my School days were not the best days of my life and were pretty disappointing.

How do you relax?

I spent time with my family. We introduced a rule that no matter how busy we all are, we always sit down and eat together.

The soundtrack to your life. Which song?

Tracey Chapman, Talking about a Revolution

If you could go back in time, where would you go?

Belgrade Airport, 6th February, 1958

What’s your most over-used phrase?

Adding the term “or what?” to every sentence

What advice would you give to your 15 year-old self?

Make exercise a daily part of your life. Prioritise your fitness and mental wellbeing.


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