Founder and CEO

Feel Good Club - Aimie and Kiera

Aimie and Kiera are two wives on a mission to make people feel good and help them become the best versions of themselves. Feel Good Club is basically an instagram page on a mission to help make it the norm to talk about feelings and mental health.

The brand’s idea started 6 years ago when Kiera developed an eating disorder whilst at University, she had a bad experience with the doctors so decided to look into self care and how the mind works. This really helped Kiera’s journey so she decided it could also help others and that’s when Feel Good Club was born. Life then took over and Kiera got a full time job as Director of Happiness at Social Chain. Then last year Aimie decided to pick it back up again as she wanted to start the feel good journey herself and wasn’t happy in her full time sales job. They now post daily positive posts (that they come up with themselves every single morning). 

They do events, talks but their main thing at the moment is merchandise. They have recently worked with big brands such as Lyle & Scott and Dancing Leopard, they do a weakly positive news with MCr finest, we’ve been in Stylist mag, MEN and been interviewed on BBC Radio.

In 2019 they secured investment to bring feel good offline and into a physical place in Manchester and also Liverpool.

This all began with a passion.